Made from Potatoes.
The manliest of all the vegetables.

With a name that means “luxurious” in Polish, Luksusowa is a premium vodka created in 1928.

100% Potato Spirit



With a name that means „luxurious” in Polish and made from selected spuds, Luksusowa is a premium potato vodka created in 1928. Using high quality ingredients and a painstaking production process has given Luksusowa its unique character.


LUKSUSOWA 40% Drink unit 10 g of 100% alcohol Per serving- 40 ml
Alcohol 10,0g 12,6g
Calories 70,0kcal 88,4kcal
Fat 0,0g 0,0g
Saturates 0,0g 0,0g
Carbs 0,0g 0,0g
Sugar 0,0g 0,0g
Proteines 0,0g 0,0g

Polish Pickle Back

Our take on the Whisky Pickle Back. Take a shot of Luksusowa and chase it down with another of pickle brine. Try it with the brine from pickled beetroots: a most noble Polish vegetable, a real taste of Poland!


1 shot of Luksusowa
1 shot of brine from pickled beetroots

Ploughman´s chaser

The ‘Ploughman´s Lunch’ dates back to the mid eighteen hundreds. A quick but substantial lunch consisting of cheeses, cold cuts and pickles, perfect for the busy, hard-working man and still popular in pubs all over the world.


1 shot of Luksusowa
1 shot of cucumber vinegar mix (2 peeled cucumbers blended with 0.5 L 1-2-3 syrup, 1 part
vinegar essence, 2 sugar and 3 parts water)


Disguised as a macchiato coffee this incognito cocktail is the gentleman’s way of getting a quick shot of a different kind.


1 shot of Luksusowa served in an espresso cup

For the foamy disguise –
1 egg white
1 teaspoon of caster sugar
3 dashes of Angostura bitter

Red Eye

A very potent hangover cure.


1 part of Luksusowa
1 part of tomato juice
1 egg yolk (floated whole in the shot glass)
A couple of dashes of Worchester sauce
A sprinkling of salt and pepper

The Black Knight

Zawisza Czarny, Poland’s legendary Black Knight, is famed for his courage and honour. This spicy take on a Black Russian is sure to put the heat of battle in your belly.


40 ml Luksusowa
10 ml Kahlua
5 ml Chilli infused Luksusowa
(Let one hot chilli pepper sit in a bottle of Luksusowa for 24 hours, remove the pepper after)

Maple Glaze

The sweetener of Lumberjacks, traditionally Maple syrup was mixed with coffee or tea and drunk whilst working in the woods. But don’t worry you don’t need to fell any trees to enjoy this strong, sweet cocktail.


40 ml Luksusowa
15 ml Calvados
5 ml Maple syrup (grade A)

The Geoffrey Cocktail

Geoffrey Stuart was the son of the Polish King’s last chamberlain, Scotsman John Stuart. This Scots lad became a lieutenant in the Polish artillery at the age of 20, serving under Napoleon in the Polish legions formed in northern Italy. What better way to celebrate this Scotch-Polish- Italian adventure than with a taste of each nation?


30 ml Luksusowa
20 ml Ballantine’s
20 ml Cynar
Dash Angostura Bitter

The Polish Hammer

The story goes that Ivan Putski, The Polish Hammer, walks into a Warsaw bar just before a big wrestling match and asks the barmaid for a potion to pick him up so he can knock ’em down. We don’t know if it worked but it sure tastes good.


50 ml Luksusowa
20 ml Stout Syrup (50/50 caster sugar and stout)
1 shot of espresso

Jaw-Long Fizz

Jaw-Long is a popular name for men in China meaning ‘like a dragon’… one sip of this spicy number and you’ll understand how it got its name.


40 ml Luksusowa
10 ml Cointreau/Triple Sec
25 ml fresh lemon juice
20 ml Sichuan syrup

Astaire´s Retreat

Fred liked a drink, Old Fashioneds, he also liked a smoke, so much so that he was buried in his favourite smoking jacket. This theatrical drink is enough to get any man tap-dancing his way to the bar.


40 ml fat washed Luksusowa
10 ml Amer Picon
10 ml Carpano sweet vermouth
Orange zest

The New Old Fashioned

A modern take on the beloved Old Fashioned, dusted off and fitted a bit tighter for the stylish young man.


40 ml Luksusowa
10 ml Calvados
1-2 bar spoons Cherry syrup (Monin)
2-3 dashes Peychaud bitter

Flippin’ Nuts

We all have to go a little nuts sometimes! Warning: Not suitable for anyone suffering from nut allergies … obviously.


40 ml Luksusowa
10 ml Butterscotch liqueur
20 ml peanut paste/syrup (blend 1 part peanuts and 1 part simple syrup)
1 egg


Potatoes, the manliest food there is. But sometimes men need something to drink. Don’t worry, leave it to Luksusowa, we’ve been making vodka from potatoes for a long time and after all no man need unnecessary work. Here’s how we turn that spud into spirit: Please enjoy your Luksusowa responsibly.

We take 100% Polish potato and mash the hell out of it.

Then ferment and distill it through a single copper column making a raw spirit of about 90% ABV.

Next our rectification master goes to work defining the character of LUKSUSOWA by removing impurities and fusel oils, whilst retaining the flavour and potato character of the spirit.

It’s then diluted with only the purest water to 40% ABV and filtered for clarity.

Finally it’s bottled at a rate of 7500 bottles an hour. Just don’t drink it that fast.


Though your beard may grey and your skin turn to roughened leather stay true to the man you are. Luksusowa have been distilling at our factories in Poland since 1928, making our vodka for men the same way whatever the circumstance, because men have each other’s backs no matter what. You’re welcome.


Luksusowa is first produced. Made from potatoes in Poland, as it still is to this day.


Luksusowa receives its first accolade - silver medal in Ljubljana.


It goes one better with a Gold medal in Leipzig.


Still tasting victory with a Gold medal in Berlin.


since 2000 Luksusowa is exclusively produced in Zielona Góra.


Luksusowa has received 38 medals and awards since 1962.


Men around the world enjoy Luksusowa: from U.S.A to Australia, to its home of Poland



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