How to drink a potato

Potatoes, the manliest food there is. But sometimes men need something to drink. Don't worry, leave it to Luksusowa, we've been making vodka from potatoes for a long time and after all no man need unnecessary work. Here's how we turn that spud into spirit: Please enjoy your Luksusowa responsibly.

1. We take 100% Polish potato and mash the hell out of it.

2. Then ferment and distill it through a single copper column making a raw spirit of about 90% ABV.

3. Next our rectification master goes to work defining the character of LUKSUSOWA by removing impurities and fusel oils, whilst retaining the flavour and potato character of the spirit.

4. It’s then diluted with only the purest water to 40% ABV and filtered for clarity.

5. Finally it’s bottled at a rate of 7500 bottles an hour. Just don’t drink it that fast.